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Our society is diverse, and our coexistence thrives on a guiding system, our shared foundation of values. A compass for responsibility, tolerance, justice, identity, and equality is crucial for a respectful coexistence. The Wertebündnis Bayern is dedicated to providing this orientation. This explainer video illustrates how this commitment works through projects for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Art Direction | Illustration | Motion Design | Post Production
Arrow pointing diagonally to the northeast, symbolizing movement and directionality.


I'm Jule, a Motion Designer and Art Director located in Stuttgart, Germany. Boasting over 12 years of agency experience, I excel in creating compelling stories through 2D/3D animations and video production.

I’m a digital native with a love for art, animation, graphic design, sound design and creative problem solving. In my youth, I spent countless hours creating short stop-motion films and experimenting with visuals (sometimes using code).

I pursued my education in multimedia design and creative communications across Mainz, Augsburg, and Munich. With a diverse skill set encompassing communication, web, screen, and UX/UI design, I seamlessly integrate these disciplines into the realm of corporate communications.


Motion Design, Illustration, Art Direction

since 2023


Senior Art Director


Little Lunch GmbH | imagestorm | 361 grad | mattomedia

Graphic Designer | Art Director | Screen Designer | Motion Designer


FH Mainz | LMU München | FH Augsburg

Timebased Media | B.A. Art & Multimedia | Interactive Mediasystems