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With smapOne, companies effortlessly digitize their processes. Dynamic employees build, learn, experiment—and by the end of the day, they become real experts turning ideas into their own apps. These UI animations and explanatory snippets illustrate how straightforward it is to create a custom app

Art Direction | Illustration | Motion Design | Post Production
Arrow pointing diagonally to the northeast, symbolizing movement and directionality.


I'm Jule, a Motion Designer and Art Director located in Stuttgart, Germany. Boasting over 12 years of agency experience, I excel in creating compelling stories through 2D/3D animations and video production.

I’m a digital native with a love for art, animation, graphic design, sound design and creative problem solving. In my youth, I spent countless hours creating short stop-motion films and experimenting with visuals (sometimes using code).

I pursued my education in multimedia design and creative communications across Mainz, Augsburg, and Munich. With a diverse skill set encompassing communication, web, screen, and UX/UI design, I seamlessly integrate these disciplines into the realm of corporate communications.


Motion Design, Illustration, Art Direction

since 2023

Senior Art Director


Little Lunch GmbH | imagestorm | 361 grad | mattomedia

Graphic Designer | Art Director | Screen Designer | Motion Designer


FH Mainz | LMU München | FH Augsburg

Timebased Media | B.A. Art & Multimedia | Interactive Mediasystems